What is perfect pitch?

What is Perfect Pitch?

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary:
1 : the position of a tone in a standard scale independently determined by its rate of vibration.
2 : the ability to recognize or sing a given isolated note.
ProLobe defines Perfect Pitch as the ability to recognize and identify a pitch's chroma.

Pitch chroma and naming

Pitch Chroma and Naming

Find out what "Pitch Chroma" is and learn how to identify 12 of them well enough to call them by their names.  As human beings most of us take for granted the ability to call visual colors by their given names. Red, Blue, or Yellow are names we give to perceptions of visible chroma.  D flat, G sharp, or C natural are just names we give to perceptions of audible chroma.  Learn more...

Learn perfect pitch

Learn Perfect Pitch Online!

Studies have shown that the once considered innate gift of Perfect Pitch can be learned with practice.  ProLobe is an ear training software package which can be used by anyone--musician or not, to culture your perceptual skills.

Enhance musical perception

Enhanced Musical Perception

Enjoy the experience of music more than ever with an enhanced sense of musical perception.  Elevate your understanding of music by simply listening like you've never done before.

Compete against others

Compete Against Others

Keep track of your progress and compete with others. Check out all the other member's statistics and rank your own against them. Compete with your friends and colleagues at home, work or school and be amazed at what you can do.

Practice makes perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

Visit ProLobe Online everyday for your FREE Perfect Pitch lessons. Sign up, create a user account and take part in our online study where we track the progress of every ProLobe Online user from the day you start until the day you graduate with Perfect Pitch.

Challenge yourself

Challenge Yourself

Think you have Perfect Pitch already? Take the test and push your abilities even further than you thought possible. Most individuals with perfect pitch are still challenged with complex chords. ProLobe can provide advanced levels of training for even the sharpest ears.

Perfect pitch masters

Perfect Pitch Masters

Complete the syllabus to gain access to the ProLobe bonus Ear Mangler levels when they become available.  Included are, new lessons, microtonal intervals and chords, and more!